Senior Data Scientist

London, United Kingdom, Full Time

The Company

Founded by two machine learning experts (Cambridge PhD and Mila PhD) and a former industry executive, J2- Reliance is an R&D consultancy with an obsession for transforming data and technologies into business value. We are experts in identifying what and how cutting-edge technologies from various research fields can be leveraged to solve a hard business problem. We develop and deploy the corresponding solutions end-to-end.

In the retail space, we have successfully applied Language Modelling techniques (Transformers) to the development of powerful recommender systems, and we have built deep learning models for demand forecasting in complex business contexts. Building up on this success, we have been selected to be a strategic partner for a leading retail franchise with a three-year mandate to lead the AI strategy and developments centered on core missions: product recommendation, supply chain optimisation and pricing optimisation.

Outside the retail sector we are supporting multiple tech start-ups and leading Machine Learning projects in the pharmaceutical sector.

The Role

As a Senior Data Scientist at J2-Reliance, you will be responsible for developing Data Science solutions and Machine Learning models tailored to the needs of J2-Reliance’s clients.

You will typically act as a Full-Stack Project Owner: you will be the main referent for a well delimited client’s problem, and you will be responsible for the conception and the implementation of the end-to-end solution to solve it.

You will be supported by a Program Manager (your direct supervisor) and a Data Engineer helping with industrialisation. The specific nature and level of their involvement will depend on your areas of expertise and the specificities of the project.

Your Responsibilities

  • The translation of business problems or objectives into concrete engineering and data science solutions, in liaison with your Program Manager or with the client directly
  • The implementation of Data preparation and exploration pipelines, including the appropriate data visualisation to build a strong data understanding in every project.
  • The development of Machine Learning models and the running of the related experimental work: designing, training and tuning models that best solve a business problem. Deeply analysing the results to intuit model improvements.
  • The implementation and delivery of data science solutions as production-grade packages
  • Communicating your results and collaboration with other stakeholders including clients.


    Must-have skills:
  • Autonomy and capacity to manage your own development roadmap
  • Strong general Machine Learning expertise (PyTorch proficiency preferred)
  • Strong Object-Oriented Programming skills, preferably using Python
  • Capacity to understand business objectives and integrate them in a technical development strategy
  • Quantitative mindset and statistical rigor
  • Capacity to communicate with technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Capacity to work collaboratively

  • Nice-to-have skills:
  • Experience of delivering an end-to-end project autonomously
  • Exposure to the deployment of Machine Learning models in production and general knowledge of DataOps and MLOps concepts and tools (including Docker, Airflow and DBT)
  • Experience in a cloud working environment such as GCP
  • Experience with SQL
  • Experience with tuning frameworks such as Ray Tune or Optuna
  • Client-facing experience in technical projects.

Why Join Us

  • Freedom to express tech and scientific creativity and work on ambitious projects
  • Ability to have a direct impact on customer value and long-term AI strategy
  • Opportunity to see your work deployed in production
  • Ownership of projects (high degree of autonomy and responsibility)
  • Collaborative environment and mentorship from experienced scientists and engineers
  • Taking part in the long-term development of a young company

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